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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Washington has tried a stimulous package. Didn't work. They tried TARP. Didn't work. They've wasted time with a disastrous healthcare bill, cap & trade, the Olympics, and the constant Bush Blame Game.

I'd like to make an outrageous suggestion. Why don't we cut taxes. Just that simple. Cut taxes.

Not raise them, like this adminstration wants to do. Not lower them if a certain criteria is met (hiring, etc.) Not talk about them, flip flopping all over about how much money you need to make in order to not get taxed.

Just cut taxes. It will put cash into the pockets of consumers and businesses alike. And more importantly, it will help with the FEAR that is the underlying reason for the piss poor economy.

It won't hurt anything. NOTHING can hurt more than what they're doing now. Just try it. It's the only thing they haven't tried.

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  1. Oh dear, apparently you don't know how a budget works. You see, everyone spends as much as they can on everything, and when they run out of money, they just take more. It's easy, limitless, and no one has to worry about silly unimportant things like debt or the economy.

    It really works. You try it. :P